The container traffic in the port of Long Beach deepened in April

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Long Beach  Last month the traffic of containers handled by the Port of Long Beach showed a sharp contraction being totaled 479mila TEUs, a decrease of -22.1% compared to 615 thousand TEUs in April 2015. The significant decrease was due both the reduction in the volume of landings and shipments of full containers, coming in at 247mila TEUs respectively (-22.1%) and 113 thousand TEUs (-18.0%), both by the drop in handling empty containers, which amounted to 119 thousand TEUs (-25.8%).

According to the Port of Long Beach, as well as internal factors and external to the US economy, the decline in traffic was mainly caused by the reorganization of the network of scheduled services in place, “the more of call choices offered by the alliance of companies navigation – he said the CEO of the company that manages the American port, Jon Slangerup – are disseminating the load over a larger number of terminals and ports.This shift of volumes – he pointed out – will continue to occur as you are forming new alliances.

“>Our long-term prospects – however, stressed Slangerup – continue to be more than positive and we continue to invest in our facilities and to offer customers a world class service. ”
In the first quarter of 2016 is in fact the total of just over 2.0 million TEUs, representing a decrease of -2.2% over the first four months of last year. The container boarding and deboarding show a decline of -2.3% and -0.9% to 1.0 million TEUs and 470 thousand TEUs, while the decrease in the handling of empty containers – with 542mila TEUs – appears more pronounced (-3.3%).