Valencia port closes May with a 4.82% increase in container traffic

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 Port of Valencia Valencia, June 22th 2017. – Valenciaport has ended the month of May with total container traffic of 438,580 TEUs, a figure that represents an increase of 4.82% compared to the same month of 2016 when 418,403 TEUs were channeled. All container traffic quantities are maintained in positive records. In this sense, the foreign trade of full containers grew during the month of May a 8.57%. Specifically, exports increased by 6.95%, import registered a rise of 10.95% and full transit grew by 2.10%. On the other hand, the traffic of empty containers also registered an advance of 4. 94%.

If we analyze the accumulated data, the total traffic of containers still suffers from the low productivity of the stevedoring during last February, with a decrease of 0.49% and a total of 1,962,885 TEUs handled due to the fall of empty traffic, the only magnitude that has not yet recovered. In particular, the empty containers fall by 15% in the accumulated until the month of May. On the other hand, foreign trade in full containers increased 5.45% (imports grew 4.90% and exports increased 5.85%), while traffic ascends to 3.20%.

As regards total traffic, the three ports managed by the Port Authority of Valencia (Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia) recorded an increase of 2.02% during May. In total, during the fifth month of the year, 6,518,938 tonnes were channeled. These figures have allowed positive figures to consolidate in the accumulated of the year, with an increase of 0.82% and a total traffic of 30,329,814 tonnes.

Data for the month of May of the Port Authority of Valencia also allows verifying the growth of the size of the ships that make port calls in Valenciaport. These figures are obtained after comparing the number of port calls, which decreased during the first five months of the year by 3.24%, with 103 vessels less, with the total traffic channeled by the port facilities increasing month after month. For example, during the month of May, 13 fewer vessels docked but cargo increased by 20,177 TEUs and 129,326 more tonnes. This is what has motivated the port of Valencia to be immersed in an investment program to increase the draft at the three terminals so that they are ready for the reception of the next generation vessels.

On the contrary, the month of May registers negative numbers in bulk, both liquid and solid, and conventional general cargo. In particular, liquid bulk fell by 5.49% to a total of 206,863 tonnes; solid bulk fell by 32.89% to 203,992 tonnes; and conventional general cargo decreased by 2.36% to a total of 1,027,620 tonnes.

With regard to passengers, the figures for the month of May are clearly positive. In total, during the fifth month of the year, 101,335 people have docked at the Grao site, about 25,000 more than during the same month of the previous year, which represents a growth of 32.71%. Specifically, regular line services grew 40.28%, with 43,595 passengers, while tourist cruises increased by 27.51%, with 57,740 passengers.